Pebbled beaches

Pebbled beaches

The Istrian coastline is endowed  with many beaches with the Blue Flag certificate, which indicates that the water quality and beach safety are impeccable. The coastline along Novigrad and Umag is deemed one of the most beautiful in Istria, and most suitable for swimming, diving, sunbathing and other water-based activities. There are mostly pebbled beaches....

... and a couple of rock beaches


... and a couple of rock beaches with paved paths leading to the sea. All these remarkable beaches are situated in a range from 400 meters to 3 kilometers from the Villas. 

Beach bar


There are popular beach bars, where you can have a refreshing drink on a hot summer's day or listen to the soothing sounds of splashing waves  over a cup of coffee. These calm and quiet beaches are ideal for a relaxing afternoon of sea gazing or collecting shells since they are rarely crowded  and you can easily find yourself alone there.

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