The fascinating scenery, as well as the fact that you can play golf on the very coast under the crowns of centuries-old Mediterranean trees that make the game truly exceptional. Unlike most golf courses in Europe, here golf can be played all year round. Whenever you decide to arrive, the temperature is always pleasant, since even in January it rarely drops below 0°C. In winter the cold wind bura sometime blows, but this will not stop you from enjoying your game. Depending on the amount of rain in summer the grass sometimes turns yellow, however the local rule (moving the ball is allowed) enables you to continue playing golf. One thing we can tell you for sure is that whenever you decide to come here, peace and tranquillity await you. Sometimes you will even be alone on the entire golf course which is certainly a unique experience.

There are two places in Istria to play golf and enjoy a good game:

1. Island of Brijuni


As early as the beginning of the 20th century Brijuni had one of the largest golf courses in Europe. In 1922, the Austrian industrialist Karl Kupelwieser, owner of Brijuni at that time, had a golf course built, which at the beginning of the 1930's was additionally reconstructed. It was then an 18 hole golf course, 5,742 meters long. Today this is a partially reconstructed 9 hole golf course with sand greens in tee offs. International tournaments are held again here and the reconstruction of the old 18 hole golf course is expected soon. 

Besides golf, you can enjoy the national park; it is a magnificent oasis of harmony between man, animal wildlife and plant life. Brijuni were the leading resort in Europe, a place where members of European aristocracy gathered to enjoy its beauty and participate in golf tournaments, and to this day it still enjoys a international reputation.

National park Brijuni

2. Adriatic golf club at Crveni Vrh


The Adriatic golf club, located at Crveni Vrh close to Savudrija-Salvore and near the city of Umag is a part of the hotel chain Kempinski. According to many golfers, the wavy course and almost idyllic landscape provide the golf club Adriatic course with real charm and challenge. This is the first professional course with 18 holes 6360 meters long, deployed on 80 acres.

The average time necessary to pass it is four hours.

This area is one of the windiest areas in Istria therefore the player must overcome another challenge – the wind. The thing that is particularly different is the position of the Savudrija-Salvore golf course. Located less than 300 m from the sea and immersed in the natural context it is undoubtedly interesting. Besides the sea view, Adriatic golf club offers a great panoramic view on typical Mediterranean landscape of vineyards, olive groves and evergreen vegetation. Accordingly, the names of the starting points courts are: Vineyard, Seaview, Olive trees, Romanic church…

Golf club house at Crveni Vrh