Food delivery

Food delivery

Fresh & Organic Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables - Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables are growing in our gardens. We assure you it has no pesticides and chemicals of any kind. 

Fresh Fish and Shellfish - Fish and shellfish from Mediterranean Sea are of the best quality. We prefer fresh fish and can assure you it will be just taken out of the sea. 

Cheeses and Curds - We can supply you with all international types of cheese and curds. Yet, we will definitely suggest you to try Croatian sheep cheese and cow cheese with truffles or olives.

Fresh Meat and products from meat (exp.: Sausages, Prosciutto) - Most of the meat we offer is from local farms where animal eat...grass. Therefore, the meat is so juicy and soft you won’t even need a knife for it.

Homemade jams

Bakery and baked goods - Croissant in the morning or hot dog for your barbecue. Or maybe homemade bread with ham or garlic. Just make a wish.

Truffles - white and black (fresh and prepared). Truffles are well known in Istria. If you want the whole, sliced or minced truffle, we have everything!

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Fresh & Organic fruits and vegetables