Wine tasting

Wine tasting

The Istrian peninsula is a mild  land of rolling hills, olive groves, babbling brooks and small vineyards. To visitors, the small country roads may seem as though their sole purpose is to lead  travellers from one culinary delicacy to another. Rarely will you find high quality wine in supermarkets, so we will take you to visit the wineries where you can taste some of the best wines in the region.

All of your senses will be infused with the wine’s aromas  under the guidance of an expert sommelier who will reveal the secrets of wine evaluation. Wine tasting stems from ancient times and is considered to be a highly appreciated skill. Now, with the help of our experts, you can also become a wine connoisseur.  

The most significant  regional wine variety is certainly the Istrian Malvasia. It is a white variety  grown on almost two thirds of the entire grapevine plantations in this area. Apart from the white variety, Malvazija, the most significant red variety grown in this region is Teran. The wine is deep ruby red with purple reflections in colour, with an intense specific flavour.

In addition to Malvasia and Teran, varieties indigenous to Istria, you can also find Muškat Ottonel such as the Momjan Muškat and the Rose Muškat from the Poreč area, both very pleasing wines, embodying un-boiled sugar residues and perfect to accompany desserts  at the end of the meal. 

It is rare to find a winegrowing region that manages to produce high quality red and white wine at the same time, but Istria strives at this challenge year after year and succeeds in delivering the best of both wines every year.

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Wine tasting in Istria