Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil may be  one of the most diverse ingredients that you may come across, and what better place to try it than Istria, a region that has received multiple awards for some of the best quality olive oils in the world.  Since olive oil, alongside truffles and wine, is the most important contributor to the economic development of the region, you can rest  assured that you will get only the best quality products. You will have the opportunity to visit local olive groves by bicycle  or on foot, and you can spend a memorable evening  tasting olive oil in one of the nearby mills.

In these family mills you can witness how the final product comes out of the careful hands of the olive growers, all the way from the seedling to the final fruit (some trees are more than 500 years old). There are few places in the world where you can observe all the stages of olive oil production. You can learn about the factors that influence the taste and quality of the oil. The dedication and effort invested by generations of these families, have been rewarded by Mother Nature with some of the best oils in the world.

Besides the culinary use, olive oil has long been known for its beneficial effects in the beauty industry and is widely used in cosmetic and wellness treatments. Who wouldn't want to enjoy an olive oil massage after a long day?

Olive oil tasting in Istria

Olive Oil Buršić

"For the Buršić family olive oil signifies tradition, culture and fun in the same time. It can be tasted in a tasting room, as a blend, or as a single variety, whilst discovering the true flavour of Istria and its people."


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