Gourmet area

Gourmet area


Istria holds a central position between two gourmet paradises: Italy and continental Croatia, so you can be sure that this Mediterranean jewel will most certainly excite your taste buds. Owing to its location, Istria's  cuisine ranges from modern 5-star restaurants offering the latest culinary trends to rustic konobas famous for home-made traditional dishes.

In the vicinity of the Banistra Villas there are 9 high quality restaurants to choose from, many of them  family businesses which guarantee  home-grown ingredients prepared with special care. As our guest, you can count on some unforgettable gastronomic moments.

An imperative in Istrian gastronomy and culinary specialties are natural and fresh ingredients. Many will say that Istria is a rural region and is not fully modernised in it ways of food production, but the silver lining in this situation is that the traditional methods of food preparation are still present in Istrian gastronomy and this is reflected on the taste the food has to offer. Many of our world travelling guests have said that they have rarely found such exquisite and delicious food on their travels. The flavours and aromas of our home grown products is clean and pure, and we can guarantee that the products we offer are of the top quality and are the backbone of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Here is a list of taverns, restaurants:
1. Tavern Astarea (in Brtonigla) - Gault&Millau award, +385 (0)52 774 384
2. Restaurant San Rocco (in Brtonigla) - +385 52 725 000
3. Restaurant La Quercia (in Fiorini), +385 52 77 44 55
4. Restaurant Damir & Ornela (in Novigrad), +385 52 758 134
5. Restaurant Čok (in Novigrad)
6. Restaurant Pepenero (in Novigrad), +385 52 757 706
7. Restaurant Marina (Sv. Antona 38, in Novigrad), 099 812 1267
8. Restaurant Belveder (in Karigador) - +385 52 735 199
9. Tavern Buščina (in Umag), +385 52 732 088


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