Four great reasons to go on a retreat

Four great reasons to go on a retreat

 Today we are living in very stressful way and our lifestyle is very fast which is causing so many problems to our mental, physical and emotional aspects of our being. Because of that kind of lifestyle more and more people are having troubles to relax and to full field their energy, even on vacation some people are not feeling relaxed and rested. Have you ever experience that? Have you ever asked yourself why is this happening? 


Our stress has layer, to be specific there are 3 layers of stress – mental, physical and emotional layer. Those layers can't be changed into relaxed mood only with lying on the beach, exploring a new city, drinking in a beach bar… Because even when you are doing some of that fun things, your thoughts are still there, your stress is still present.

If you are seeking for achieving deeper state of relaxation and rejuvenation consider booking your spot on a retreat. The popularity of retreats is growing every moment because people start to understand this is amazing way to change your life and bring positive energy into it.

There are so many benefits of retreats, here are 4 most amazing reason to book one for yourself.

Reason no 1. Experience real „Me time“

Going on a retreat is a great way to put yourself on the first place and enjoy your time. In our daily life sometimes we don't have time for yoga, meditation practice and many people are struggling with creating good, positive habits. On retreat you will find your own peace, you are getting chance to know yourself better, it can help you to gain clarity, seek for a deeper truth and maybe you even find the answers you have been searching for. Time away from your day-to-day life will leave you feeling deeply rested, refreshed, renewed and you will be inspire. 

Reason no 2. Detox your life

We all need detox of our mind, body and soul because we are constantly retoxing ourself with to much information, bad food, stress and many other things and habits. Detox is one of the most important process for human beings which is helping us to stay in balance and to stay healthy and positive. By combining healthy eating plans with yoga breathing exercise you gonna feel benefits of detox while you are on your retreat. Your mind and emotions will be taken care of through meditation, breathing techniques and different workshops, or even time in silence in beautiful nature. Also, you'll be able to shut down from technology. Even most of retreat places have wi-fi you wont have constantly feel to check your social media, to text, search facebook because you will be enjoy your time and all retreat activities.  

Reason no 3. Learn something new with a profesional guidance

Learning something new is always a great thing. Retreat are great for both – if you are regular practitioner and want to improve your skills, achieve deeper state of your mind, or if you are new in this practice and want to feel benefits of personal and spiritual growth. Retreat include trainings, exercises, or counselling sessions by experts who will help you improve your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. A retreat really will take your practice to the next level. And the most amazing thing is you will be able to continue your practice even when a retreat is over.

Reason no 4. You will make new friends

On retreat you gonna find people like-minded who wants more from their lives, who are willing to growth in spiritual and personal way. When you are going to retreat you don't need to have friend or partner to go with him, you can go alone because you gonna make new friend there. Doing activities with new people will refresh your mind and bring new, positive energy into your life.

There are so many more benefits of going to reatre and best thing is to go and book one for yourself.

You can join weekend coaching retreat „Meet yourself“ hosted by Petra Čutuk and Karlo Richter who are meditation and energy coachs and NLP masters. This reatret  will be held in our beautiful villas where you gonna experience deep relaxation and have an amazing, lifechanging experience.

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