Banistra Villas has received a certificate Eco Domus

Banistra Villas has received a certificate Eco Domus

EcoDomus is a marking programme carried out by the Istrian Region Administrative Department for Tourism with the aim of increasing both social and environmental awareness in tourism. The programme is well in sync with the global sustainability goals and guarantees an overall environs and health safety. Facilities bearing the EcoDomus mark have complied with at least 50 basic criteria within the 12 categories which Banistra Villas need to cpmply with.

Watch a video of award ceremony and interview with owner Nikolina.


Nature, culture, tradition and people are important aspects of green tourism, so with brochure "Istra ecoexperience" at one place are all info you need on certified eco amenities and offer in Istria, like:

  • eco accommodation,
  • eco producers,
  • green beaches and events nurturing this philosophy
  • protected areas of Istria,
  • eco museums and
  • eco-friendly activities.


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12 categories of Eco Domus certificate which banistra Villas has to copmly are:


The staff managing the facility has been educated and trained according to EcoDomus rules and the facility sustainability policy has clearly been outlined. If you require more information, feel free to ask your hosts.


Local culture, nature, way of life, customs, mores and traditional fairs are highly valued and respected in order to preserve Istrian heritage and authenticity.


Local cuisine, farmers and producers of beverages and spirits are especially promoted and endorsed. 


Water usage is monitored with the aim of decreasing waste. Water redactor valves are used on pipes and showers, which reduces the usage by 70 %. We ask you to help us save water. 


Eco certified toiletries and personal hygiene products are used, all in order to protect the guests’ health and avoid soil contamination. 


Eco certified maintenance and cleaning products are used. In this way we protect the staff’s health, guests’ wellbeing, the environment as well as the overall community.


Waste production is avoided as natural materials and fibres are in use and various containers are separated and recycled. We ask you to help us reduce surplus packaging waste by drinking potable pipe water instead of purchasing bottled water in supermarkets.


We do not only save water, we wish to save energy, too. Therefore, energy efficient lightbulbs are in place over 80% of the fixtures and you will find at least one A listed appliance. We ask you to close all windows whilst using the air-conditioning and regulate the temperature at 22ᵒC during winter and 26 ᵒC during summer months.


While you go sightseeing, may we suggest you use the public means of transport, bicycles supplied by your hosts or perhaps take a walk? Leave your cars parked in the garage.


Whilst choosing the textiles, paint, varnish, furniture and other items, the aim is to use natural materials and fibres as well as eco certified products. EcoDomus facilities have committed to making responsible purchases in the future.  


Silence is very important for people’s health as well as that of other beings. The circle of day and night - light and dark is vital in executing normal biological processes. Therefore, the aim is to remove all sources of noise and/or excess light and use fixtures with the temperature no higher than 3000 K. 


One of the key elements in the development of sustainable tourism is the social commitment. EcoDomus facilities create examples of good practices and their owners – your hosts – are often engaged in extracurricular activities important for the local community and sustainability.