When the winter has gone and spring has spread its first rays of warm sunlight, little green sprouts of asparagus start popping up. Present only in the spring months, March, April and May, these delicacies liven up many local dishes such as omelettes, soups, pastas and risottos that can be found in every restaurant in the region.  As it grows in less accessible places, surrounded by bushes, the hunt for and picking of asparagus can be on its own a memorable adventure.

Health factors:

Asparagus is known for its medicinal properties  and is considered very nutritional, as it is rich in vitamin E, and also has a reputation of being an aphrodisiac. All these favourable features make asparagus a great food to for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Keeping watch over our health, they stimulate the cleaning of our organism after the winter and they are considered one of the healthiest groceries.

Spring Istrian Brunch (Asparagus frittata, Local made goat cheese-Skuta, Homemade ham, Radishes) - Recipe for wild asparagus frittata:

Clean the asparagus and only keep the soft parts. The wooden part of the stalk is to be separated from the softer top, best by snapping off the top manually, bending the stalk until it breaks.

Cut the asparagus into 2 to 3-centimeter-long pieces, wash and strain them.

If you don’t want them to be very bitter, blanch the asparagus in salted boiling water with butter and a spoon of sugar.

Add olive oil and diced onions.

Add the asparagus, and after a minute of frying add the mixed eggs, salt and peeper.

When the eggs are fried, the dish is ready.

Bon apétit!

Asparagus lovers don't miss the Days of Istrian Asparagus!

The scent of asparagus and the warmth of Istrian hospitality will pervade the restaurants in the Banistra Villas surroundings between March 23 and May 15.

Here is a menu and prices of a Local restaurant Astarea participating in Days of asparagus.

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Asparagues from the property